Environmental and Social Practices

At Cacao, we don’t just aim to make and sell high quality luxury chocolates, but also to show our customers how such chocolates can be eco-friendly and ethical too.

The mainstream chocolate industry is rife with environmental and social problems from deforestation to modern slavery, many committed in the name of cost-cutting and easy profit. From the very start, we have taken steps in our sourcing and practices to ensure that the price of our chocolate isn’t a decimated rainforest or trafficked child slaves.

For more details on what these steps are, how they make us people and planet-friendly, and –for the sake of transparency– where we could be doing better, here are our full environmental and social statements.

However, it’s not enough for us to just talk about what we’re doing to be better. Mainstream commercial chocolate is a multi-billion-dollar industry whose practices contribute to some of the biggest problems facing our planet and society, including the climate crisis, the illegal wildlife trade and extreme poverty. As an ethical chocolate company, we consider it our duty to educate our customers and fellow chocolate consumers on what these problems are so that you can make informed choices to avoid supporting the practices that cause them, both in how you buy chocolate and how you live your lives.

With that in mind, we have a series of informative articles below highlighting both the problems in mainstream chocolate production, and the alternatives and solutions that can make it better. We will update this over time, so be sure to check in regularly for new insights.


Solutions and Alternatives