Our story

A few years ago someone told us that we shouldn’t eat chocolate because almost all mainstream chocolate contains west African cocoa harvested by child slaves. This was a problem because we love chocolate. We decided that the solution was to make our own, using ethical cocoa. It tasted so much better than the chocolate we could buy that we decided to set up Cacao. But it was not enough to be ethical, our whole family strive to live an environmentally sustainable life (driven by our ecologist son), so the chocolate also had to be sustainable and free from additives, hence Cacao: guilt free luxury chocolates.

So sustainability and ethics are central to every decision we make. However, we want you to buy our chocolates for their taste and then engage in a conversation about sustainability and ethics. Only a few years ago we, like many others, were completely ignorant about the involvement of the mainstream chocolate industry in child slavery and massive deforestation and we would love it if you help spread the word.

We believe that by not buying mainstream chocolate we can put pressure on the mainstream chocolate companies to change their ways. We’d love it if you buy our chocolate instead, but that’s not the main issue – when you buy chocolate, if it doesn’t say where the cocoa is from, then it’s probably from west Africa and is associated with slavery and massive deforestation.

So, how do we make our chocolate taste so good? We use top quality cocoa beans, Arenga sugar and nothing else. And we supply it to you days after it comes out of the grinder so that you get it fresh.