We use 65% or 90% dark chocolate for the shells of our pralines and fill them with homemade fillings. All flavours are made from basic ingredients except for peppermint, where we use an organic essential peppermint oil. All our pralines (except peppermint) are suitable for vegans or come in a version suitable for vegans.

Pralines can be ordered in paper boxes of 8 or 25 or in a gold, natural lacquer, gift box of 25.

When we devise the flavours of our pralines our philosophy is to use classic pairings of flavours but to make them better. We do this by starting with the most basic ingredients so that we have control of almost every step of the making process.

Salted caramel ganache.
The ganache is a perfect balance between sugar, caramel and salt. We can say this without arrogance because the recipe was not devised by us but was given to us by Adrien Durrafourd.

Orange ganache.
Made with our own orange powder and orange liqueur.

Peppermint white chocolate ganache.
Made with bought organic peppermint essential oil, because (to my irritation) I don’t know how to extract essential oils myself. This is the only flavour for which we do not make a vegan version.

Arabic coffee ganache.
One of my favourite coffee drinks is Arabic coffee, scented with cardamom. To make sure it has a real flavour of coffee and cardamom, we grind coffee beans and cardamom with cocoa and use the resultant chocolate to make the ganache.

Young ginger ganache.
To make this we buy young ginger when it’s in season, slice it, dry it and both powder it and candy it. We then use these two ingredients to make the ganache. Young ginger has more fragrance and less “heat” than mature ginger.

Passion fruit ganache.
This is our signature ganache. When you eat this praline you first get the crunch of the chocolate, then the creamy ganache, bursting with the flavours of fresh passion fruit, the crunch of passion fruit seeds with the sharpness of the attached fragments of passion fruit and then finally the complex flavours of high quality chocolate. In keeping with our philosophy of sustainability we use our home-grown passion fruit when in season.

Coconut ganache.
We make this by grinding dried coconut with cocoa butter and sugar to make a coconut white chocolate. We then use this to make a ganache with coconut cream, coconut oil and coconut rum. The result is an intense coconut flavour without the taste of synthetic coconut flavouring.

Hazelnut praline.
We start by making a caramel, adding hazelnuts and letting the two cool and until brittle. This is then ground to a course paste with a crunchy texture and dark chocolate added. The dark chocolate shells are filled with this paste and a whole hazelnut.

Maple walnut praline ganache.
This is made a similar fashion to our hazelnut praline ganache. A crunchy walnut praline ganache, flavoured with maple syrup with a piece of caramelized walnut in the centre.

Fig & pinenut.
To make this we make a fig confit using organic dried figs, homemade red wine vinegar (the sharpness offsets the sweetness of the figs),bourbon whisky and Arenga sugar. Not only does using homemade red wine vinegar fit with our philosophy of making from scratch but it adds layers of flavour to the confit because we use good quality leftover wine to make the vinegar rather than the cheap industrial wine that is used to make commercial vinegar.